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 Welcome to my world of Visual Journaling.  Visual Journaling is a unique mixed media process I developed in 1992 that combines journal writing with art making in a book format to uncover signs and symbols from the unconscious for deeper introspection. Unfortunately, in this society, introspection is not highly valued.  I dare you to express yourself from a place of inner truth. I'll show you how. It's actually easy and fun once you have a few tools.                           

Visual Journals are an experiment in self portraiture and personal mythology that capture a moment in time where freedom of expression is utmost and all considerations to color theory, composition, and technique are unimportant.  These layered and timeless books are rich, hauntingly beautiful, and exquisite;  the stuff of something deeper, darker, meatier, with the gouges, scrapes, and scars of life in our own words and our own images.   

This is the new frontier:  we are not afraid to be afraid.  We are a small group of intrepid souls, but our numbers are growing.  Through this process, we have come to know who we are and we like it this way.  We, the few, the daring, we value and respect this inner life.  We do all that we can to protect its vision from those who would harm it. We are changing ourselves, thereby all those we encounter, one page at a time.

In an ideal world, I would choose to spend all my days in my Visual Journals.  Hour after hour, day after day of filling my pages w/secrets, treasures, stories, poems, collages, paintings, drawings, dreams, ideas, scandals & blessings of what it is to be me.  I would endlessly create many books simultaneously - large ones, small ones, books w/ themes & plans;  tearing, cutting, gluing, wooing, wiping, sticking, stamping & weeping, smiling, feeling sick, angry, overwhelmed, loving, nurturing.  All of my passions flowing in an integrated, magical, compassionate and forgiving space.  I can be vulnerable, & I can be anything without judgement or criticism.  My process is my own path to the real me.  My books are journeys I never tire of.  I am so thankful and full of hope for the me yet to come and for all the books I will create on my way. 



julesm.jpgDSC_8176.JPGJuliana Coles received her BFA from the Academy of Art University San Francisco. A pioneer of the Art Journaling movement, Coles developed “Extreme Visual Journaling,” an active meditation technique and spiritual practice that accesses archetypal signs and symbols from the unconscious for inner dialogue, transformation and healing.  What began as a personal creative inquiry into developing new pathways in the brain after epileptic seizures, this process, taught by Coles internationally, is now used by art therapists, teachers, artists and professionals around the world.  Her Visual Journals have been featured in over 30 books. Coles recently returned from an Artist Residency in Morocco. This incredible opportunity has inspired new works and new teaching techniques. Discover for yourself the creative power of Visual Journaling! Contact the artist/author/instructor for lecturing/teaching inquiries at Presenting:
A self-published collection of the visual journal pages, paintings, and mixed media drawings of Juliana Coles

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