New Beginnings Journal

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I am retiring from teaching and will no longer be available to answer questions or comment on people's work in my online courses, but luckily, you get to benefit from my retirement! For the next month all my online workshops will be half off and you can access all materials for a whole year to work at your own pace!! If there are any problems with the workshop itself or technical issues please email me at but I will not be following the course or checking in. I am always available for private visual journaling consultations (sign up for any online course & you will receive discounts for private coaching!).  Take advantage of this amazing offer and register for these online courses before I close down for good!! All workshops are self explanatory and easy to follow with full color ebooks and plenty of video!

calendars.jpgNo need to discard last year’s used engagement calendar or stack it on a shelf next to the other beautiful engagement calendars you’ve received as gifts but never used! It is time to put them to good use when I share with you my favorite project that is so simple and easy!!  No complicated websites or pdf files- just a few videos and an online supply list to get you started! No group forum to post to, nothing to stress you out- just a feel good task oriented project with no emotional strings attached (sort of)!

New Beginnings Journal


Transform an old used/or unused engagement calendar into a unique handcrafted Writing Journal with this easy and fun project… It's an "engaging" process, and a true labor of love. I won't kid you, while this is an easy project, it is not an hour long or even a weekend long project. It is ongoing, as we put the past to rest by harvesting the year's wisdom. This is our yearly check in that can be done at any time, and it is a very soothing, zen-like practice as we patiently tend to our world.


- Discover how to harvest past highlights/insights and bring them forward

- Learn how to choose and prep pages w/ cool mixed media techniques!

- I’ll divulge my secret tips on how to decorate them (I use these in my own work!)

- I’ll offer helpful hints on how to create your own prompts to add to your journal and begin your own journal writing practice

- You will even learn how to create one for a friend or make them as a group!

-  with over 2 hours of video- that's a full length feature film!

 pinup2..jpgThis is the perfect journal to transform your past ( or just have fun!), with a lot of tooth and texture to it to give your journal writing- your heart and soul- a place of honor.  Transform the day to day into something meaningful. But you can also use this book as an art journal, and you will be able to use all of the tools in this workshop to alter any kind of book to suit your unique purposes. Everything you learn in this fun workshop you can use in all of your other art projects! These journals are something I work on all the time. I can tape and prep pages while watching a movie. I keep it open next to projects and use up extra paint. They take a long time- they do. But the outcome is a true treasure. These are easily my favorite writing journals.  It is a great way to close up the past  with next years dreams!

One year, I took an old pin-up calendar, and turned it into a valentine journal- to me! It was so much fun transforming the pages with stickers and wrapping paper and other supplies I rarely use to create a fun valentine.


Registration for "New Beginnings Workshop" is open. You may register at any time and it will be your responsibility to download all materials by course end (you've got an entire year!).



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