Self-Expression Retreat 2017“Charnel Ground: Visual Journaling Intensive"
@Pnina Gold San Diego Studio 
 November 11-12, 2017, 9:30 - 5:00
A weekend workshop with pioneering Visual Journalist, Juliana Coles
All Levels, no experience necessary. A certain level of Self awareness/ openness will be expected. the Charnel Ground or boneyard of the soul, we may ask, where do these bones come from?  And whose bones are these anyways so carelessly strewn about with no proper burial or rite of passage?  I’m talking about the remnants of you upon which the vulture sits:  dreams mutilated, desire discarded, passions left to rot, the decay of creativity, the anguish of giving up.  What has become tangled in that heap of remains? These are the bones of you calling out, waiting to be put back together.  As the days grow shorter,  shadows grow longer and the veil between this world and the other is thinnest. 

Now is the season to remember and reclaim Self through shadow.

whatIwant.jpgwhatIwant.jpgThe messenger has found a treasure; crow has not forgotten.  The answers are rich, but buried beneath.  The top layer appears gruesome, but as we gather up these bones, what once frightened us now gives comfort.  Through journal writing, through collage, painting, taping, mending, healing, we begin to see the bones of our authentic visions and truths dancing themselves back to life from the Charnel Ground.  Do not look away.  What was once abandoned now becomes reclaimed.  Our truest desires come forth from the realm of darkness as we greet shadow as an old dear friend. These are the stories we will tell, bone by bone, page by page, by combining words with imagery in the safe container of a Visual Journal.

Workshop fee of $275.00 includes 2 very full days of intensive instruction combined with radical artistic freedom and 1 informative  Workbook providing detailed descriptions of all exercises from workshop as well as plenty of homework for ongoing investigation. Meals and housing are not included. is a life changing event: register early to reserve your seat
Click here for more information on the powerful techniques of Visual Journaling

Click here to watch the video "How to Choose a Book" and access the supply list.



Accommodations:  3 rooms available to stay overnight at the lovely studio of Pnina Gold. It’s a B&B without the breakfast! Perfect accommodations for those traveling from out of town or who would rather relax than drive through traffic home. Contact for more information! Studio has full kitchen- feel free to bring snacks, drinks, lunch and eat in. There are plenty of yummy restaurants nearby as well!

Registration: Any Questions Please Contact Juliana Coles at

A materials list and studio address will be sent upon receipt of registration fee.

Space is limited, no refunds

I look forwarding to creating with you! Paying through paypal button below confirms your space!

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