Love Potion #9: A Mail Art Affair to Remember

Location: NEW TRICKS Art Workshops & Gallery
1751 Bellamah NW – Suite 2101
, Albuquerque, NM


Instructor Juliana Coles

  6:00 - 9:00 PM, Wednesday, February 8, 2017

For all Levels 

$55.00 + NM tax (Scroll down for payment)



Go postal in “Love Potion #9” and fall under the spell of Mixed Media Mail Art. In this fast paced and fun workshop you will creatively “mass produce” at least 20 Mail Art Postcards in about 3 hours! This workshop is fun and addicting and you will create Valentine’s or Far from Loving postcards as treasures and works of art that you will fall in love with; you can trade with friends, give away as gifts or holiday cards, mail them as thank you notes, etc., and some of these you will even want to frame! Add a to/from label and stamp to this alchemical and lovingly patterned mix, extra postage required, and you’ve got instant mail art postcards that will astound and amaze everyone you know with your brilliant creativity! These techniques translate to any other work of art including art journaling!

IMG_3871.JPGMixed Media Tool Kit: You will definitely need the following: Your favorite glue - I love big UHU gluesticks, scissors, some brushes for your paints, a rag or two, and a jar for water. You will need a matte knife, a self-healing cutting board and a cork backed metal ruler at least 12 inches (I’ll have a few extra to share if you don’t have these but they are good items to have in your mail art kit).  All mail artists should have a set of rubber stamp letters. And I highly recommend Staz On stamp pads because we work so quickly. You will need acrylic paint- any brand, any color in at least two colors, one light one & one dark. You will need at least one brush marker in your favorite color and a black sharpie. A graphite pencil- regular old number two is fine, but if you can get to an art store get an ebony pencil, or a 6B (not charcoal). If you have Love Potion #9 theme related rubber stamps or stencils, bring em!! You will need masking tape in regular butter cream color or black at least an inch thick ( no dark blue- that tape is meant to remove) and any other tape that seems fun like washi tape- if you have it.

Collage:  Start collecting Valentine or anti Valentine images and patterned paper! Half the excitement of artwork is the collecting and research! Bring copies (of things that are precious). If you have them bring old postage, faux postage, postal rubber stamps (postage, cancellations, even travel visa stamps work great for fake postage!) address labels, stickers, rubber stamp letters, old handwritten letters, anything related to letter writing, cards, mail art, postage, etc.

allright.back0002.jpgMat Board:
You will need at least 5- mat board/museum board scraps. (10”x 14” -or larger) Even Corrugated cardboard box panels will do. Cardboard from anything is fine- rip off the backs of sketchbooks or pads of paper. Different sizes, textures, thicknesses is good. Framers will often give away free scraps!

Contact Postal Inspector Juliana Coles with any questions or concerns

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