The Lost Love Letters of Montmartre: A Portfolio of Unsent Letters

Location: NEW TRICKS Art Workshops & Gallery
1751 Bellamah NW – Suite 2101
, Albuquerque, NM


                Instructor Mixed Media artist Juliana Coles

No prior art or writing experience required. For all levels

 Saturday, February 18, 2017

10:00 - 5:00  (hour break for lunch)

 $95.00. + NM tax ( scroll down for payment) petits, welcome to the spectacular, spectacular stage of the Montmartre red light district of Paris, 1895.  Step back in time to an era of decadence, rich color, erotic images of Can Can girls, shadowy bordellos, and revolutionary art making to create a unique portfolio of imaginary lost love letters made from vintage record album covers.  Bring to life the flamboyant style of poster art perfected in the works of Montmartre artists such as Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec and Jules Cheret by combining text with expressive imagery to recreate an exotic, yet frail,  phantom past of lost love letters.  Using my mixed media Visual Journaling methods, instigate a conversation with the eccentric artist of his day, Toulouse- Lautrec (and even be inspired by him to draw!  yes you can!), lament the haunted singing- speaking voice of the cafe concert star Yvette Guilbert, and look down your noses to the johnny come latelys like Picasso.  And there, in the back of a locked drawer... and there, blowing in the wind of the boarded up and long abandoned Moulin Rouge... and there, at a flea market in the pocket of a dusty tulle skirt...  the lost love letters of a bygone era tied up in a faded and tattered ribbon.  Through these letters we‘ll return to an era when artists were a radical and experimental community living on the edge.  We’ll discover a time when the motto was truth, love and beauty. portfolio of 5 intriguing lost letters will be created on old record album covers, randomly cut, and put back together to give them a forlorn, lost look- as if they’d been in the gutter all these years or discovered in an old musty trunk in the attic of a Parisian apartment.  As we put these letters back together, we get the sense of mending broken hearts.  See for yourself, the power, the magic, the raw creation of lost love letters fanned to life in the pages of this amazing portfolio.  It’s all about love and a celebration of life.


Supply list:  your favorite glue - I love big UHU gluesticks, scissors, some brushes for your paints, a rag, and a jar for water.  All mail artists should have a set of rubber stamp letters  -  Search for Parisian, circus or poster style rubber stamp letters, stickers,  press on type or any other cool fonts that bring to life the Montmartre era or feel of the poster as art!  And I highly recommend Staz On stamp pads because we work so quickly.   You will need acrylic paint- any brand, any color in at least two colors, one light & one dark (I prefer cheapy craft paints like Anita’s or Folk Art Brand).  You will need at least two brush markers in different colors- black would be good.  And a permanent black marker.  Bring  a graphite pencil- regular old number two is fine, but if you can get to an art store get an ebony pencil, or a 6B, or a graphite stick (not charcoal) just make sure that you have some wet items and some dry items.

Collage:  4 record album covers with intriguing art or imagery. Start collecting images of Can Can girls, 1890’s Paris, cafe life, club/night life, exotic erotic images- circus images will work well here too!  Half the excitement of artwork is the collecting and research!  Bring copies (of things that are precious) or old photographs, old postage, faux postage, postal rubber stamps (postage, cancellations, even travel visa stamps work great for fake postage!) address labels/stickers, rubber stamp letters,  old handwritten letters, anything related to letter writing, old sheet music, old book pages or book pages in French, poetry, cards/postcards, mail art, postage, etc. as well as souvenirs!  You may want small pieces of fabric, some festive trim, ribbon, or fringe to add to the overall exotic effect of the portfolio including gold or gilded items!

Please email me if you have any concerns or questions:

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