The Art of Repetition

Location: NEW TRICKS Art Workshops & Gallery
1751 Bellamah NW – Suite 2101
, Albuquerque, NM


Introduction to Visual Journaling with Juliana Coles

(What is a Visual Journal? )

 No prior art or writing experience necessary.

  For all levels.

2:00 - 5:00 PM, Sunday, January 8, 2017 

$55.00 + NM tax  (Scroll down for payment)

Repetition is necessary to artmaking because it allows us to create and develop a series; it also assists us with composition and greatly aids our experimentation process which is the basis of all art making.  The Art of Repetition is a creative device we will use to set up repeating black and white images in a Visual Journal for high impact and then work back into these graphic images for interesting affects that can be used in any other art form.   At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll repeat myself; utilizing repetition we will start with one image and repeat it like a quilt, then shrink it down and create a border, as well as blow it up and expand on one central idea.  It’s in these repetitive experiences that we have our Aha! moments.  This is the perfect introductory workshop to Visual Journaling for those interested in discovering this style of working!

 horse1.jpgMixed Media Tool Kit :

-Visual Journal any size larger than 5” x 7.” (do not bring unbound sheets of paper) see for my video on how to choose a book!

-glue (I recommend big gluesticks because we work so quickly- get the big ones- don’t bother with the little ones.)

-paint brushes ( get a couple good ones- they don’t have to be expensive- but nice
bristles that can make a clean line instead of a shaggy line- at least .25,” .5” and at least one bigger brush like 1” or larger.)

-rubber stamp letters, any size
-a drawing pencil like an ebony or 6B.
-2 acrylic paints in any color, one light, one dark (I love cheapy craft paints like
Anita’s or Folk Art brand)

-markers: brush marker or sharpie in black, plus one other color marker
-red water color crayon, or red china marker, or red opaque paint.
-stamp pad (I prefer staz -on because we work so quickly in any color- black is
always good)

-a rag or two, and a jar for water (for brushes)

Collage: Bring some random collage items that appeal to you (bring copies of things that are precious to you), and one magazine to cut up and use as a glueing surface.


repeition3.jpgRepetition: this is the fun part! Please read carefully. Get to know your local copy center. Bring a bunch of BLACK AND WHITE interesting images ( or create them from color originals)- photos, landscapes, old houses, portraits, close ups, patterns, even some of your own artwork- or small sections of your artwork but in high contrast black and white- to your favorite copy center and play around with the self-service machines. Get to know them. See what they can do. Test out the different functions. You may need a little help at first and most copy stores are very happy to help answer all your copying questions. Change the settings: there are settings for just text, for just photo, and something in between. Some settings will give your images shadings or tones of grey- we don’t want that- we want the real black and white graphic images- high contrast. Take your images and blow them up. Shrink them down. I love doing this and always have a good time seeing what happens. Photos of people work really well. Make a series of repeating images- they can all be the same image- or images that look similar. We’ll need three batches or 3 series of different repeating images. You’ll need at least 10 of each- some repeating the same size and some repeating in different sizes. Bring these stacks of images to class and be ready to cut, paste, and go crazy with layering materials! You will need one very large image that fits 8.5 x 11. People or animals will work best for this. It can be just a head. Don’t use your inkjet printer for this unless the ink is stable and won’t bleed or run if it gets wet. But really, it’s much more fun- an artist date or field trip- to find a copy center that still has a self-serve machine and go nuts!

Any questions or concerns email Juliana Coles of Pete and Repeat at 


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