Grimoire Retreat

 At Pnina Gold San Diego Studio 
 November 11-12, 2017, 9:30 - 5:00PM

 Join Visual Journaling Sorceress Juliana Coles for a Weekend Retreat. Learn to combine images with journal writing in a Grimoire for Soul Keeping, Secret Telling and Self-Enchantment

witchsm.jpgWhen shadows grow long and the veil between this world and the other is thinnest, we are called to make the sacred journey we all knowingly wish for but put off time and time again... 
Come, let us gather our memories, words, and art around us as we begin a mystical journey to reveal the true self.  Light and dark will converge in the magical pages of a Grimoire where we will discover our own guide into the unknown territory of intuition, intention, inner dialogue and self expression.  Inspired by those who have gone before, we will uncover personal signs and symbols in a precious Book of Shadows where peacock feathers, rose petals, and the smoke from sacred fires speak knowingly from between its dragon blood stained and yellowing pages.  

With each day of this retreat we deepen and enrich the mystery within through the gentle guidance of Juliana Coles and her creative visual journaling techniques for insight, healing, and self bewitching.  Journal writing combined with unique art making and mixed media will create good spells, charms, cures;  this is ancient medicine and will reveal a powerful force.

spirits_sm..jpgYour Grimoire, a personal instructional manual, handed down through the ages, woman to woman, is a record of  spiritual growth and will unveil all you desire.  You have chosen a unique and difficult path;  the way of the mystic- full of ancient ritual, secrets, and blessings. 
 You are the wisdom that you seek.  Call upon the spirits and powerful energies that surround you. Learn to create a book of Ancient Memory utilizing the Extreme Visual Journalism techniques created by Visual Journaling Sorceress Juliana Coles

(No prior art or writing experience necessary.  A certain amount of self awareness or the willingness to venture inward will be expected as well as a playful spirit.) 

booklittle.jpgWHAT IS A GRIMOIRE?   
A Grimoire is an instructional manual or recipe book of spells and incantations.  For our purposes, the Grimoire is a Visual Journal with an olde worlde feel... yellowed pages with ancient symbols and drops of dragon blood between velvet covers... or perhaps a vintage leather photo album w/ a silver clasp, a repurposed or altered book, or a book made by hand (see the Grimoires in the movies "Practical Magic," or "Charmed").   This magickal retreat  focuses on process and self expression, and will begin by preparing the book that will become the Grimoire,  A Book of Self Enchantment. (see my Pinterest Grimoire board for ideas and share with me some of yours!)
The rest is secret...  Join me on the journey of a lifetime and all will be revealed. Please email  the High Priestess Juliana with any concerns or questions:

Registration for this unique retreat is $275.00. Price includes 2 full days, 6 hours each, of intensive (yet fun!) visual journaling assignments that combine journal writing with mixed media in a revolutionary creative process designed by Juliana Coles to take your expression to new levels and deepen your authentic voice! Price does not include meals or hotel. Pnina Gold's Studio has a full kitchen, so feel free to bring a lunch! All participants will receive the Grimoire Handbook - a detailed workbook of every single assignment presented at the retreat along with homework to keep you enchanted!


3 rooms available to stay overnight at the lovely studio of Pnina Gold. It’s a B&B without the breakfast! Perfect accommodations for those traveling from out of town or who would rather relax than drive through traffic home. Contact for more information!

 To register for this retreat, click on the paypal button below for fast, reliable and safe payment!  Not so fast....please read full description and workshop dates carefully as there will be no refunds. Once I receive payment I will send you a confirmation letter with your supply list- this is not automatic, I do it by hand, so please give me a day or two.  
Juliana Coles    La Luz Sanctuary   829 San Lorenzo NW   Albuquerque, NM 87107     505-341-2246

god.jpgStep out of the shadows...
This is more than a workshop, it is an event. Come forward. Reveal your true self.  It begins now for you in choosing your book and gathering your supplies.  I encourage you to do anything that sets the mood for you- or absolutely nothing.  You can decorate supplies to make them seem olde.  You can even come dressed in a witch, sorceress, fairy, wood nymph, enchantress costume complete with magic wand and chalice- but remember, we are working with paint, so anything you wear please be willing to mess it up.  You could even decorate your apron or create a magical cloak to work in.  We are setting the stage for self expression, and creating a character and a magical world that is different from our own helps us to see ourselves from a different perspective, one we may be unfamiliar with.  This other voice has much to teach us.  Dressing up is an act of devotion and can create intention and focus.  This is how we let our child play.  I’ll be there in character and I hope my coven will be too.  Our assignments that combine words with images to access our inner voices  will revolve around this theme of creating the Grimoire.  We will play with astrology, the tarot, power animals and familiars, and many other magick arts. So come out and play little ones.  You are creating your first book of shadows.  Please cast your eyes upon my Pinterest Grimoire page for inspiration aplenty! 

Materials and Supplies (Retreat page with video and full supply list to help you prepare for this event of a lifetime will be sent mystically and telepathically in a secret letter written in dragon's blood and invisible ink once you register!)

 Self Enchantment Tools: #1- Book

In this workshop we will not be decorating covers; that will be up to you. I will provide some page set up assignments, but feel feel to create your book and prepare pages beforehand, or do nothing. You will know what you need to do.

But how will you choose your Grimoire? A Grimoire is an ancient book with yellowed, fragile pages, soft brown around the edges. Some pages may be falling out;  some may be missing.  It will have the stains of ages and fingerprints of women long before us. It is dusty.  It was found in an attic, in an old trunk, in a locked velvet box with precious crystals, a deck of strange cards, and other magical charms. Did you see “Practical Magic” with Sandra Bullock and Stockard Channing?  Young witches learn from crones to help each other through life and to own their special gifts.  It’s a great movie I highly recommend you watch to give you ideas to set the stage.  In it, and it is worth seeing this movie just to view this book- I am forever haunted by it - is an unbelievable Grimoire!

Choosing this book is up to you,  and it will require your patience, heart and intuition.  You should feel as if the book chooses you, for whatever reason, and it will be up to you to solve the problems this book challenges you with.  So you find a book.  You pick it up.  It feels good in your hands.  You turn it over.  You almost want to bring it to your chest like an old friend, or a new one you instantly fall in love with. It whispers, “me, pick me.”  But then you think twice.   No, these pages are too thin, they aren’t big enough, too big, or too something or not enough of another:  they don’t look old enough, I was looking for some velvet covered something that is quite different. This just isn’t right...

 Don’t think twice. Respond intuitively.  You will choose rightly.  You can glue pages together to make them thicker. You can dye them with coffee or tea to age them, complete with coffee cup stains. You can rub an ochre or brown stamp pad around the edges to age them. You can take out signatures to make more room to protect the spine.  You can glue on velvet and attach rivets and eyelets.  You may choose black paper.  You can alter a book, you can use one of those old velvet Victorian photo albums, you can buy a blank sketchbook, you can use a book you have all ready started, you can use any ole book around the house because it is last minute and you are in a hurry.  You can choose to make your book.  Do not worry about size or thickness.  Do whatever feels right.  Whatever you choose, we will make it work.  This is part of the magick.  There is a book out there that is calling you.  Go find it.

Please email me, the High Priestess Juliana, if you have any concerns or questions:

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