Mixed Media Sketching Camp

Part 11: Extreme Field Notes
Combine sketches w/ journal writing
Click here for description Part 1: Field Notes; Intro to Mixed Media Sketching 
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 $95.00 for each five week program (work at your own pace)
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I am retiring from teaching and will no longer be available to answer questions or comment on people's work in my online courses, but luckily, you get to benefit from my retirement! For the next month all my online workshops will be half off and you can access all materials for a whole year to work at your own pace!! If there are any problems with the workshop itself or technical issues please email me at meandpete@msn.com but I will not be following the course or checking in. I am always available for private visual journaling consultations (sign up for any online course & you will receive discounts for private coaching!).  Take advantage of this amazing offer and register for these online courses before I close down for good!! All workshops are self explanatory and easy to follow with full color ebooks and plenty of video!

cuckoodark.jpgThis advanced level online course w/ Visual Journaling pioneer Juliana Coles takes our sketchbook pages where we left off in the field of "Field Notes" to develop them into something more meaningful, something a little more... extreme. Now we take our mixed media sketches to another level of intensity.  Part 1 "Field Notes: Intro to mixed media sketching" is about celebrating the energy of summer (but these assignments are perfect year round so register at any time!), while Part 11, "Extreme Field Notes," takes our new kick ass sketching & documenting abilities into Fall and a time of slowing down and turning inward (though these extreme visual journaling exercises that combine journal writing with art making in a book are appropriate for all seasons and all reasons!).  This course does not cover the material and assignments presented in Part 1, and it is recommended that you sign up for both at a discount (scroll down for payment options!).

"Extreme Field Notes" is presented in 4 full color pdf lessons (each file is 16-24 pages). Each lessonballonfiesta.jpg plan or chapter includes an audio file of the written text as well as supportive video including techniques, mer ixed media and layering how to, and lots of my personal process for creating journal pages where you can watch me in action!  The experience is enhanced by "sharing" or posting your pages with fellow journalists in optional discussion forums to gain valuable insight into your work as well as receiving tremendous support and cool ideas from your newfound friends. You have full access to all materials until Nov. 30, 2018

lostsm.jpgRegister at any time and work at your own pace. Course materials will be available to download for an entire year which means you can pick up where you left off and being again and again each season! Ning.com has the unique ability to provide discussion forums so that each topic and each assignment are organized so whether you work with me or at your own pace, each exercise is easy to find and easy to follow along and see what others have been up to!


Once I receive payment, you will receive two email invites, one from Ning.com, the main workshop site, and one from Shutterfly.com for video. (Please check your trash/junk folder as well). I send these invites manually, and don't check email 24/7, so please give me a day or 3. Once you receive your invites you will need to sign up/sign in for both sites and create a profile page. It takes a bit of effort to set it up, but once everything is in place it's easy! THE EMAIL ADDRESS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS THE ADDRESS I WILL USE FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND THE ADDRESS WHICH I WILL SEND YOUR INVITES TO. WHEN SIGNING IN, PLEASE USE THIS SAME ADDRESS OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE WORKSHOP. If you have any difficulties, please contact me at meandpete@msn.com, and I will be happy to walk you through the steps!

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  Mixed Media Sketching Camp Pricing

Part 1:  "Field Notes" registration price $95.00 NOW $55.00!

Part 11:  Extreme Field Notes"  Registration $95.00 NOW $55.00!

Register for BOTH online workshops!  Registration fee for "Field Notes/ Extreme Field Notes Duo" is $100.00

Extreme Field Notes Reloaded:  If you have taken this course in the past, or this course combined with Field Notes as one long workshop,  you are considered a veteran. If for whatever reason you never finished, life got in the way, or you need the inspiration & motivation of working with the group and would like the opportunity to reconnect with an artistic community, I would like to invite you to join the workshop at a discounted price. Please email me with the name of the class and the year you took it, and I will direct you to the discounted payment site! The discounted price is $25.00.

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Juliana Coles, award winning fine artist, received her BFA from the Academy of Art University San Francisco. A controversial pioneer of the Art Journaling movement, Coles developed “Extreme Visual Journaling,” an active meditation technique and spiritual practice that accesses archetypal signs and symbols from the unconscious for transformation and healing.  What began as a personal creative inquiry into developing new pathways in the brain after her epileptic seizures, this process, taught by Coles internationally, is now used by art therapists, teachers, artists and professionals around the world.  Coles has been teaching and refining this creative process since 1992. Her inspiring Visual Journals have been featured in over 20 books including “Making Journals By Hand,” and as part of the “1000 Journals Project" her work was exhibited at the SFMOMA.  Coles creates from her enchanted studio in Albuquerque, NM with her Ghost Cat, Petey, RIP.  Contact the artist/author/instructor for lecturing/teaching inquiries at meandpete@msn.com

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