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Discover Visual Journaling in an Altered Book w/Juliana Coles


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 I am retiring from teaching and will no longer be available to answer questions or comment on people's work in my online courses, but luckily, you get to benefit from my retirement! For the next month all my online workshops will be half off and you can access all materials for a whole year to work at your own pace!! If there are any problems with the workshop itself or technical issues please email me at but I will not be following the course or checking in. I am always available for private visual journaling consultations (sign up for any online course & you will receive discounts for private coaching!).  Take advantage of this amazing offer and register for these online courses before I close down for good!! All workshops are self explanatory and easy to follow with full color ebooks and plenty of video!

lostsm.jpglostsm.jpgsacrifice.jpgIn this Online Workshop, the Altered book format will serve as an introduction to the Extreme Visual Journaling techniques developed by Juliana Coles in 1992. Altered States begins with an old library book, text book, record album set, or any other all ready existing book form that can be altered to become your Visual Journal.  In this creative altered state you will tape, glue, sew, cut, paint, add fold outs and create found object tab dividers. By the end of this workshop you will have prepared an entire book, cover to cover! This is an experiment, in 4 exciting lessons, that will influence all your future books!
lostsm.jpg* Lesson #1: Introduction - provides a materials list & possible book forms with accompanying video, audio, and Group Forum Questions.
  * Lesson #2 will be spent on Book Preparations by making more space to protect the spine, learning creative ways to add new pages and secret envelopes, as well as setting up chapters or sections using tabs (I love tabs and things that sneak out the sides!).
* Lessons 3 & 4 will guide you through my unique self dialogue tools that combine words with imagery while utilizing mixed media to create various backgrounds and texture for Altering, not just your books, but also changing the outcome of your lives. Yes! Extreme Visual Journaling is THAT powerful!
Course Materials:
Each lesson is provided in full color pdf files, supportive video, and audio files to listen to while you work! This online workshop will cover:

- the philosophy and definitions of terms unique to my process of self discovery

- recommended  reference materials & library for books on the multitude of subjects discussed

- weekly assignments utilizing mixed media to combine journal writing exercises with image making
- “homework” assignments to support each exercise and develop this process as an ongoing practice
- extensive video fully explaining techniques

- full color PDF files to download workshop material to read at your leisure
- mp3 files of most of the text to record or download and listen to while you work!
-  Group forum questions to encourage the shared experience which is an important aspect of this inner journey.  You are not alone.


"Altered States" is presented in 4 printable PDF "booklets."   Each full color booklet is 16-24 pages and will provide all the basics as well as how to use this program, upload images to the Group Forums, etc.

Registration for "Altered States Online Workshop" is open. Instructions for setting up your own practice and gathering supplies will be provided in the Introductory manual as part of this workshop. You may register at any time and it will be your responsibility to download all materials by course end (you've got an entire year!).
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$25.00 Altered States Reloaded:  Renew.  Reload.  Reawaken. ( If you've taken this fun workshop before and would like to sign up again to re-inspire, recommit, reconnect and rework by working together in a group then  Please email me, let me know what year you took THIS workshop, and I will look up your original receipt. Once reloaded status has been confirmed, I will send you the link for the discounted fee! If you've made this journey into the altered states and back before, you've earned it!)

Once you make payment through Paypal you will receive 2 email invites; one from Ning, the workshop Home page, and one from Shutterfly, where you will access video. Invitations are all done manually, so please be patient as I only send enrollment invites Mondays and Thursdays.  To access course materials, you must sign up to create a member page at BOTH Ning and Shutterfly as soon as you receive your invites.

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No prior art, sketching, writing, or altering experience necessary.
We are all seekers.
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