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SPRING WORKSHOP BEGINS March 16, 2017  "Book of the Night"

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Spring Session: The "Book of the Night"  online workshop in full color pdf, and audio files with supportive video is a tribute to the Dark side and all things mysterious in 5 mysterious and enlightening lessons! Create bold expressions on black pages in an Extreme Visual Journal.  No prior experience necessary but a certain level of self awareness is expected for this kind of deep inner work.

$95.00  Registration. 


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This life changing online workshop is designed for all levels as the threshold to the inner world of Visual Journaling for well being.  It contains everything both the beginner and seasoned Visual Journalist will need to know to either begin or deepen the unique practice of combining words with imagery in a book for self dialogue, transformation, and
                                                  Registration fee of $95.00. Workshop is ongoing.

 Registration open
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Learn to alter a book for your Visual Journaling practice in 4 fantastic lessons! This exciting workshop teaches you all my tricks for altering a book while simultaneously combining words with imagery for self expression! Register at any time throughout the year and work at your own pace.
Registration fee of $95.00. Workshop is ongoing.

 fieldcover.jpgRegistration open and ongoing!                   

"Mixed Media Sketching and Visual Journaling Camp" (Click on title for full description and registration payment page!)  in two parts: take together or separately! Perfect All Year round. Workshop is ongoing. Sign up at any time and work at your own pace!!  Registration fee is 75.00 for each workshop or or take them together.

Part 1: Field Notes, A Book of Reminders  

Part 11:  Extreme Field Notes

asleep_back.jpgRegistration is open and ongoing
Discover Postal Alchemy with my mad methods for raw expression and uncover the magic of mixed media!  You will learn to creatively “mass produce” at least 20-30 mixed media Mail Art Postcards in about 3 hours (an easy evening or weekend project!). This workshop is fun and addicting and you will create postcards as mini treasures and works of art  that you can trade with friends, give away as gifts or holiday cards, mail them as thank you notes, etc., and some of these you will even want to frame! Add a to/from label and stamp to this alchemical mix, extra postage required, and you’ve got instant mail art postcards that will astound and amaze everyone you know with your brilliant creativity!
$55.00 Registration is open. Workshop is ongoing- you may register at any time. Click on link above for full description.

undefined.jpg-Registration Ongoing
Start the New Year off right with my favorite journal! No need to discard last year’s engagement calendar or stack it on a shelf next to the other beautiful engagement calendars you’ve received as gifts but never used!  Transform your old engagement calendar into a unique handcrafted Writing Journal with this easy and fun project w/ Juliana Coles
Class fee is $55.00. Click on title for full description and payment options.

Click here for upcoming Retreat schedule and study w/ Juliana Coles in person......

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