Postal Alchemy: The Magic of Mail Art

Journaleen Headquarters Presents:  An Online Mini-Workshop w/ Juliana Coles

 $55.00(work at your own pace)
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I am retiring from teaching and will no longer be available to answer questions or comment on people's work in my online courses, but luckily, you get to benefit from my retirement! For the next month all my online workshops will be half off and you can access all materials for a whole year to work at your own pace!! If there are any problems with the workshop itself or technical issues please email me at but I will not be following the course or checking in. I am always available for private visual journaling consultations (sign up for any online course & you will receive discounts for private coaching!).  Take advantage of this amazing offer and register for these online courses before I close down for good!! All workshops are self explanatory and easy to follow with full color ebooks and plenty of video!


People have been asking me how I make my mail art cards as seen at my shop, so I thought I would share my secrets!! Registration for this online workshop is open and ongoing.  This workshop focuses on a fall/Halloween theme, but gives instructions for using these same mixed media mail art techniques for any holiday and any theme...or no theme at all! So you may register at any time during the year and keep coming back to post and share new postcards with a creative community in a ongoing workshop!


  $55.00 NOW $25.00! (scroll down for payment and registration)

This is the perfect introductory workshop to my unique style without the intensity of inner work. This workshop is strictly for fun and to get you out of your creative rut. This course is suitable for all ages, all levels, and no prior experience is necessary.

help_back.jpgWhat is Mail Art?  Simply put, mail art is art that goes through the mail.  Discover Postal Alchemy with my mad methods for raw expression and uncover the magic of mixed media!  You will learn to creatively “mass produce” at least 20-30 mixed media Mail Art Postcards in about 3 hours ( an easy evening or weekend workshop!). This workshop is fun and addicting and you will create postcards as mini treasures and works of art  that you can trade with friends, give away as gifts or holiday cards, mail them as thank you notes, etc., and some of these you will even want to frame! Add a to/from label and stamp to this alchemical mix, extra postage required, and you’ve got instant mail art postcards that will astound and amaze everyone you know with your brilliant creativity!

Workshop Cuasleep_back.jpgrriculum:
   This is my basic mail art class and it contains: 

Full color downloadable PDF files, downloadable audio files in MP3, supportive video, and discussion groups with prompts to help you learn to share your work with others and have a place to discuss any issues or problems, create a community, as well as join the mail art exchange group! The full color PDF files, presented like a cool graphically designed zine contain a brief history of mail art, a basic supply list as well as recommendations for gathering Fall, Halloween, Day of the Dead (or any other theme or non theme) related ephemera, a library on inspiring books on the subject, some samples of my mail art exploits into addresses unknown, as well as all the hints and techniques necessary to go postal including a few homework assignments to expand your experience of mail art.   

 Please note:  this workshop does not offer input or moderation from me though you will have great fun sharing your postcards in the group forum discussions to get some ideas of how other people work and gain valuable feedback and set up your own mail art exchanges! These Mail Art assignments are mainly visual and do not include any visual journaling assignments or exercises that combine journal writing with artwork- that‘s another class!

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$55.00 NOW $25.00 for Basic Workshop (audio, video and pdf lesson plans - this includes everything you need for the workshop!)

 Course content for this ongoing workshop will be available until Nov. 30, 2018.  Once I receive payment, I will send you two email invites to the email address associated with your paypal account;  one from Ning the main workshop page where you will need to sign up or sign in, and one from Shutterfly where I have all the class video. Instructions for the workshops will be at Ning.  Check your trash folder for the invites. These invitations are sent manually, and I do not check email 24/7, so please be patient. If you sign up on a Friday-Sunday, you will not receive your invites until Monday.

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